What is the most touching part when you go to the church for the first time?

What is the most touching part when you go to the church for the first time?

The first churches I went to were big old, cold cathedrals and mostly around Christmas. They were VERY impressive and they do have a certain holy air about them. This is what moved me at first. But whether you would call this “touched” not sure if it qualifies for that.

Praise or Sermon or Prayer or anything else?

I feel that church is so pure.

For me it was the music. Honestly.

The praise really touched my heart.

By God’s grace, a friend of mine invited me to attend a church gathering when I was 33. I thought it was a party, so I went with him happily. But, to my surprise, he did not bring me to a party. The pastor happened to preach about the prodigal son in Luke 15. I realized I was the prodigal son and I had not been back home for 15 years. I didn’t know how my parents were.

That night I raised up my hands and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I repented and cried with tears before God. Afterwards, the pastor gave me a CCB Bible. The same night I called my parents and told them that I have believed in Jesus and I would go home to see them one of these days. After accepting Jesus, I changed my lifestyle and started reading the Bible every day.

About six months later, I attended a Bible study in the church. The Word of God helped me to overcome my drug addiction. I was baptized this August. I was like the prodigal son, but my heavenly Father loves me and accepted me in His loving arms.

This is a holy place even at that time our church was very small and the house was a little old. The joy of the believers also touched me a lot.

I feel church is very holy, the peoples in church are so holy.

When I first time to go to the church I sit in the middle of the church and listen to the word of God.The preacher was preaching the Bible. I don’t know why my tear was drop can not stop. And someone beside me said, you meet God. That’s why you have tear.