What is the one thing you hoped for to have?

What is the one thing you hoped for to have?
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What is the one thing you hoped for to have ?

@Jedidiah The one thing I currently hope to have is the knowledge to cure this current pandemic disease that has caused disarray in the usual routine of everyone, lots of people are currently suffering from it. To have it will really mean to everyone who wants their normal lives back right now.

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@Jedidiah: I hope to have a brilliant mind in order to create and formulate a vaccine for this pandemic so that we can all go back to our normal life as well.

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I hope to see and hear a good report that this pandemic is already done.

As Jesus said on the cross thousands years ago “tetelestai” or it is finished. So am claiming to see it in the natural realm that this covid-19 is already done deal since its name says 2019 and it is 2020 already.

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Peace of mind. I am such an overthinker, I overthink and overlook things which would lead to sadness, anger, insecurity, and jealousy. May the Lord God bless my mind and heart with peace!

@kianna: Hi there :wink:! For you to be able to have peace of mind you have to remember these:
*You are one of God’s beautiful creation and he loves you so dearly!..
*Let go of those things that you can’t control so that you’ll avoid overthinking and only do the things that brings happiness to you.

  • Don’t worry about what others are thinking about you.
  • Be grateful as always for what you have so you’ll avoid sadness, anger, insecurity and jealousy.

Take care @kianna. You are God’s special jewel, always remember that! :wink:

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Hi @Jedidiah, I hope you are fine. I got interested to your question about this one thing I hope to have? If I were given this ‘‘Hope’’, I would do the same way that Moses do, to keep the faith in the Lord although we’re suffering too much pain still I’ll beg the Lord to direct me to his path. A hope for change not just for people but for nation as well. Now we are in the hard times of crisis, I am still hopeful that someday or later the peace will come to our nations. God Bless to you and Family. Stay Safe.

Thank you so much for that, @MakkaPakka! You are indeed so kind. God bless you!

This is a wonderful topic for Christians who are new in their faith. Because this is where I focused myself on during those times. I’ve focused much on praying to God and usually those prayers back then sounded like so selfish. It was mainly focused on the blessings to be received rather than focusing on the giver of the blessing. Now after receiving my fair share of blessings and disappointments from God, I have realized that what I am hoping for to have in my life right now is to have a true and genuine relationship with God. That you can pour out everything to him and in return listen and be comforted by our Almighty Father.

Welcome to our community @Bhert. Hope you’ll have a good time spending your spare time with us… I hope that this pandemic will help us realize that no matter what nationality nor country we came from, we are all in this situation. We may unite as one, and continue to pray for our fellow countrymen too. May peace reign in all our hearts…God bless!

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Well said @IamRichardJohn! Welcome to our community. I agree with you…Most of us are too busy praying for our own needs and due to our busy schedule we oftentimes forget to say thank you to the giver of everything. This pandemic reminds us always to strengthen our personal and spiritual relationship with God. God bless!

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Hello @Jedidiah I think that is a power to heal everyone… what is my meaning when i say this… everyday because of our technology many people are trying to change the world by creating something that can harm the people… in my own opinion this pandemic is created again in my own opinion… and if i have the power to heal and we experience this again i will heal them instantly and no one will die to save other lives just like a front liners…

For me, we have to believe in healing… Terrible things will happen, and terrible things will pass. We have to believe in the moments of quiet. I think that’s all we can do right now. Believe in the good. These past months have been so difficult. We hit rock bottom, raging storms, anxiety, endless tears, rejections and disappointments. So right now, We have to believe in healing. I hope when the time comes, we will finally understand why He put us in hard situations and those storms are one of the signs that He loves us and only wants the best for us.

Hello, dear @Jedidiah
I have always been a strong believer of will and faith, there’s a reason of why God gave us that and I believe with it and the Lord blessing anyone can make anything. That’s why some things I have, that I hope the Lord will always maintain in me, is faith and health. Faith to believe anything is possible in the name of God to fuel my will and health, for well manage to do it.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Jedidiah Right now, I hope I can work from home. Its really hard to be working away from my family, thinking that there is a chance that I cannot see them again. My mom is already in her 70’s and is vulnerable to any virus, not just covid. So I decided to stay away from them. It’s almost 2 months since I saw them. I’m praying for a work from home opportunity soon!:blush:

@kbadum: That’s sad to hear, but with our modern technology today; you can still see them through videocalls…I salute you for being tough. People like you are our today’s heroes; our frontliners. We will keep you in our prayers for safety as well as pray for your mom too. Take care!