What is the significance today, of learning that the first person who saw Jesus resurrected was a woman?


What is the significance today, of learning that the first person who saw Jesus resurrected was a woman? Mark 16:9

Luis R. Feliz

Women at that time was considered second class in the Jewish society! Jesus showed them first that through the adulterer that He forgave her and told the Jewish people that they are all sinners. That the woman is important as they are! That He then appeared to her first after His resurrection. The significant of that event is to prove that the RESURRECTION IS TRUE women could not make the story as the importance of His resurrection. The woman also Preach the resurrection first before the apostle. Represents the woman is as valuable as the man!

Caridad B. Monroe

These women evidenced more courage, and affectionate attachment to their Lord and Master, than the disciples did, who had promised to die with him rather than forsake himMark 16Acts 1:14-16

Mary Horrigan

Absolutely no significance. Someone had to be first. They were first because typically women anointed the dead. The true significance is not about gender but why were they going to anoint a “dead body”? They never believed Jesus was literally going to be raised from the dead.

Sheila Curran

I just had my devotion tonight in matthew 28 and was reminded that when we seek God like these two women we can actually be bearers of good news the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Kass Sayson Tolentino

  • They were the first to go there- History celebrates men in the spotlight but there are also women right beneath doing their share, the women were at least as committed to their Lord as the apostles- Women are the best at spreading the word (remember the samaritan who brought back the whole town?), a woman can be a mighty evangelist- a woman saw the Serpent first, a woman saw the Serpent-crusher first, it was God dignifying womankind again

ZERO significance!! Now, folks & preachers try to make it a point of this, that or the other reasons!! But, don’t get caught up on silly side issues!! Or, if you want to - make up whatever you like about it!! Just don’t share it like it’s Gospel Truth. Sure we can all surmise, guess, imagine, ponder, opininate, suppose, reason and pretend we know why, BUT, do we realllllly??? And, it could be dangerous to say, “God told me why and this is what He said!!!”, cuz that can be scary and is really left up to you thinking God told you, when He told you nothing of the like and most realize that He didn’t!!! Of course, it was not 2021 then, so all of the hyper women issues of today would have NO significance either!! Some or perhaps, many would love to put their twisted twist on it!!!

Al Videc

She was not allowed to speak to mem in public…if she did nobody would believe her…Nut she had worth in the eyes of Jesus…

Edna McBee