What is the value of your life?

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What is the value of your life?

What is the value of your life?

What is the value of your life?

Depends on the individual.

If you were 80 year olds and looking back on your life… what do want to have seen? What do you want to have felt?

What makes you feel the most happy? What gives you the most joy?

If you were dead for forever, and could just see a blip of time, this speck of life that popped up throughout the nothingness… what would that be like for you? What would that mean?

As much as I’d like to tell you that life is about love, selflessness, devotion, care, happiness, adventure, and all that good stuff… having someone tell you that isn’t likely to change a light switch in your head and suddenly allow it all to make sense to you. It is your own purposeful action and experiences that you come by though the years that will lead you to develop your own sense of wisdom in the present.

I highly recommend the book “Seeds of Greatness” by Denis Waitley. The book takes an interactive standpoint in helping you question what YOU find valuable, while simultaneously providing the reader with miraculously impactful examples and quite inspirational, truthful content.

Best of luck to you and everyone on their journey. May we each find what we value most and hold it dearly to our hearts.

I’m sure there will be plenty of dishonest and naive answers for this question.

The reality is that MOST people will give up ANYTHING for the RIGHT AMOUNT of money IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.

Money is what most people value in life. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is.

If you disagree, it’s because you haven’t seen enough situations where people are tempted with money, or because you live in cloud cuckoo land.

Have a car accident where the other party is at fault, and watch the other person lie through their teeth.

Give a big loan to a close friend whose financial situation is not comfortable, and try getting the money back.

Get a divorce, where the marital assets are significant, and see how honest your partner is.

Watch the relationship sour if you ever need a significant amount of money from your kids.

Actions speak louder than words.

Money is what most people value more than anything. It’s the extremely sad truth…

Naive answer coming up! I could relate to my teens to about 5–6 years ago. And I can relate to my generation now. Most of my generation are money hungry to be self sufficient, and money hungry to use that money for solving greater problems or greater issues. None of us are willing to be blatantly evil for money.

Maybe cause we haven’t been raised to the ‘harsh realities’ of the world, which have been created by older generations, by being evil and cruel, the implications of that being, we have to also be evil and cruel and obsessed with fame, power and money and fears of losing it, save the fact that I know my generation, and we will create the next reality of the world. Our generations attempts at being selfish involve peer pressure and snapchat dog filters, not genocide.

I believe my generation is mostly not evil , and therefore can believe the younger generations than me to also have integrity. I know these people so can trust them. The older people will pass on, God or Spaghetti willing, to other dimensions, and so will be the evil people among them, and my generation and the ones before us will inherit the Earth. We are much better people than the two generations older than us. I will not believe in the false brainwashing, that just because the older generations than us are obsessed with power, greed, fame and money and their paranoid fears of losing that, we should also behave the exact same way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to keep my guard for the evil ones and disarm them. I will obsessively chase money, but I will not go around with the blanket belief my whole generation is evil, and therefore the world is evil, so I should be evil, when none of that is true.

As a rule, I usually find that most people of my generation, due to the fact we are all naive, are much less morally corrupt than some of the people 2 generations above us, with the exception of our parents. And the generations younger than us are less morally corrupted than us. So, if I know the people of my generation, and I don’t think they are evil, I will be on guard and will work hard, but I will not brainwash myself to carry the same fcking sht that the previous generations have been doing, and brainwashing the younger generations to do the exact same thing.

Older people gave us wars, global warming, and an incredibly stupid society. We are the generation that will fix that.

Being bitter and cynical is for old people.

There is no great economy in either North or South of Sudan or Somalia, capitalism and it’s gifts require a peaceful, futuristic, ethical society that takes self responsibility. I value kindness over intelligence, self responsibility over intelligence, intelligence over ignorance, Futuristic thinking over any past accolades.

The value of your life is linked with the meaning of life and the purpose of life. Find the meaning of life and the purpose of life and you’ll discover the value of your life.

There is no “real” meaning of life in naturalism but you might find the “real” meaning of life in supernaturalism (remember that the meaning of life differs from one religion to another but the same can be said about naturalism).

Live for the sake of humanity (which includes you). That is, we begin with assuming two human experiences.

(1) Existence

(2) Rationality

Since it’s rational to value existence, rational beings value their existence. Therefore, meaning of life (or one meaning) is to maximize the wellbeing of such creatures by advancing to fix the world for the better (a world that maximizes human wellbeing).

E.g., to heal the earth will maximize human wellbeing.

E.g., to do good works in the world will maximize human wellbeing.

E.g., to advance mathematics & philosophy is to maximize human wellbeing.

E.g., to advance science, technology and medicine will maximize human wellbeing.

This is known as the “Pic Picture” meaning of life. The “Small Picture” meaning of life is different.

That is, live the life that you have by maximizing your wellbeing. One formula for maximizing your wellbeing is to pursue L.K.H.F.

(1) Love: Loving your family & friends and being loved by them.

(2) Knowledge: Researching & advancing knowledge, education yourself & others.

(3) Health: Making sure that you are mentally & physically healthy.

(4) Finances: Making sure that you are financially secure/free.

These two model of meaning are purely founded on naturalism.

Under supernaturalism the meaning of life differs greatly from that of naturalism.

I’ll just provide you with a link if you are interested - Meaning of life - New World Encyclopedia

Working to maximize the wellbeing of the world and of yourself can give your life meaning and thus value.