What is you biggest miracle happened in 2018?

What is you biggest miracle happened in 2018?

One month pass away until now for 2018, So what is your biggest miracle things happened in you lives? Everyday and every mins there are so many things changed.

I prayed my parents and my sister could believe in Jesus, not happened yet. Keep praying…:sweat_smile:

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Praying with you!

Still on the way :hushed:

January 3, 2018 I became a Pastor. So thankful God called me to be used to spread the Gospel of Jesus!!!

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For me, It hasn’t happened yet but I am looking forward to it.


It seems nothing changed but I should wait for Him.

My family, who did not believe in God, came to believe in God, and the family who had not allowed to go out of the church came to the church to believe in God. Thank God!

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We are still living even we are sinners, huh? God is very merciful!

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Yes, I am still living. All the beloved ones are healthy.
Thanks to God for all the protection and blessings.
I want to more cherish my time and know God more, and love others more.