What is your most touching story with GOD?

Please share your best experience with us so we can all get strengthened.

There are so many stories between God and me, I couldn’t find which is the most touching one. Recently, my heart was touched by the members’ life in Church. They devoted themselves to the mission and preach the Gospel to different people, I felt they are my sisters and my brothers in Jesus Christ, sometimes I find I couldn’t do something, but now I want to pray for them first, I hope I could give more help to them. I believe this is God’s work in my heart, because I also want my life lighten up and run for God’s kingdom with passion. God bless~

Jesus died for me on the cross. Every time when I knew God’s love more deeply, my heart was touched and I am so happy I have God who loves me so much.

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Amen. This is the most touching story, it’s my story, :sweat_smile:

@Elizabeth, you wrote “Please share your best experience with us so we can all get strengthened.”

I don’t know that I can guarantee that, but I have my personal testimony here, on my personal blog, if anyone wishes to read it:

He loves me even though dead on the cross. Amazing love.

Meditated his love and his cross. His love is very powerful.

Faith Hope Love. Please continue to do it. I get lot of strength.

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