What is your talent which God gave you?

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What is your talent which God gave you?

What is your talent which God gave you?

i do not know. i am still seeking.

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I believe God called me to be a Bible teacher and He will give me the gift of teaching even now I am not at a position of teaching and this talent is not yet shown ^^

I’m with @patri12 on this one. I am still wondering. I’m 58 years old.

Somehow though, being saved and reading the Bible daily takes away the intense need to know what my “particular” talent is.

I have learned that what I need to learn is not more about me, but more about God.
In doing that, my eyes turn outward more toward my fellow man.

I have not yet become as unselfish as I need to be, but I pray for help every day and work to be willing to get outside myself.

P.S. I came back to add an excellent sermon having to do with “talent” or “gifts”. And, Happy Valentine’s Day!


I think you have an obvious and particularly beautiful talent---- teaching, which in Chinese means helping others to resolve confusion about faith and life(解惑). I find that you are very willing to help others answer questions, confusions in faith, and provide very detailed, clear answers, so that people can understand well. Moreover, you often combine your own experience with God’s word to give a valid answer. I think it’s an important talent.I know some people who really want to help others, but they struggle with not being able to express themselves clearly or organize themselves verbally. I am thankful to God for all the help you have given me.Sometimes I can also learn a lot from your responses to others.You have also shown me how to apply God’s word to all areas of my life.May you and your gifts be greatly used by God. Blessings~

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