What is your "thorn of the flesh"?

What is your "thorn of the flesh"?

Have you figured it out? Just like Paul.
Do you believe everyone has this?

@cocoyoongie Thank you for this question!

I do believe that everyone has “thorn in the flesh”. Humans are not perfect and have so much weaknesses in us. In a person’s life there could be a thorn in the flesh looking at life as a whole. But life has many different areas and one might have to play various roles at different times of life as well as in the present - like family, work etc. There could be thorn in the flesh in each aspect. Simply speaking thorn in the flesh is basically a weakness in your life that you don’t want to talk about and brings disgrace and shame within you or something that makes you feel insecure.

For the Apostle it could have been something that he was battling in the mission field - could be his emotions. I get this from 2 Corinthians 11:29 (Whole Chapter)

Who is weak, and I do not feel weak? Who is led into sin, and I do not inwardly burn?

So “thorn in flesh” doesnt have to be “the thorn in the flesh” of one’s life, although there could be. One of my thorns is forgetfulness :slight_smile: But there could be other thorns in all areas of life - it could be a insufficiency in work and many others.

But isn’t great how Paul relies on the grace of God to overcome his weaknesses or even live with those weaknesses reminding himself that he needs God’s grace to move and live everyday. People who poses to be perfect always are arrogant but people who rely on God’s grace are filled with grace and humility.

Hope this helps!


i’m not sure that everyone has it as Paul. it’s something special. me personally didn’t figure it out - how to do it?


I feel don’t forgive is my “thorn of the flesh” recently. I feel I am so weak about it. And when I read Corinthians, Paul faced this church has lot of problems, Paul cried a lot for this church. It gives me strength to follow the way from God.

It’s easy for me to escape when I face many problems, when I pray for my “thorn of the flesh”, God reminds me that my Lord never escape from me, he accepts me all the time. I am a sinner, to love me is very difficult,even hurt, but our Lord never escape from me.

It’s still hard for me to do it, I still pray that I will not escape from the position God guide me to go.


That is your weak point. Whatever you do it keeps haunting you or disturbing you. Only the comfort from God makes it bearable. It can be a sickness, an emotional baggage or whatever.

That is true. Thorn in the flesh makes draw even more to God. It makes us depend to God more and deeper.

I hope you don’t forget how God moves in your life sister