What kind of Father?

Know this, I know the Bible and still this is where I am. It grieves my heart to be here, but that’s just where it sits.'m THERE. I’m mean to the point that I grieve almost daily that my Daddy would be so disappointed in my lapse. For me, it started when my oldest son went to prison for 30years for murder and the next month my last son was stillborn, and it broke my 8 year-old boy’s heart. Why? All the grief at once, I guess. Then there was a little girl, 5 yo, who would SOLD to a 30 something year old man by her own mother and the baby was found dead in an abandoned house. Why did she deserve that? People have said things like “Her death Showed someone something God needed them to see.” I’m sorry but that just is not good enough for my mind. God, sitting in the middle of forever and decides he wants to make people. He does that and then flops them down to begin IMMEDIATELY testing them with the tree. On top of that, he kicks the devil out of heaven (because he is too unrighteous to be there, and then throws the beast where? Down on earth with his ‘children’? WHO does that? WHY?! Then, as if none of that is bad enough, there’s Job. THE man was GOOD, upright. God said it from his own mouth…right after he asked satan if he had “considered” God’s servant, Job. So, the devil is thrown to earth (where God just put His creation), because he can’t stay in heaven, but he can come and go? And he even tells God basically that he’s been hunting someody to cause trouble for or even kill (read the entire conversation.) and God just barley can hold his reply “Hey, you know there’s this guy I’m betting you can’t take away from me because he is a good guy for real.” And down here on earth sits Job, minding his upright righteous business until BAM! Hit with a bet between the Devil and God. (First, what the crap was the devil doing in there? He caused a WAR! Turned God’s angels against him. God has said the end of this will see the devil back in hell (To be let out again!!!). if that’s true, WHY does God think it’s necessary to even entertain the fool? Why does he want to ‘prove’ anything to the devil?) So, by the end, Job loses EVERYTHING except a nagging wife and probably some scars from the boils the devil used (courtesy of the Lord’s permission) to try to break him. Then he apparently gets new everything. But NEW kids are NOT the same. What kind of loving father creates children just to make them prove day after hell on earth day that they are worthy?

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We live in the world, and the world is at odds with Jesus. We are not guaranteed a life without pain and suffering. Christians were fed to the lions and crucified. During the dark ages, when the church of Rome ruled, people were tortured and burned at the stake for disagreeing with the Pope. There are countless examples of bad things happening to good people. Justice in the world is variable. We don’t get what we deserve, none of us. We can’t even figure out why we’re here on this earth because we’re not that smart. God sees things that we cannot fathom. “Romans 9:20-21 Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?”
In many cases, the families of murder victims forgive the one who caused their grief because their faith remains. They know that this is what God would have them do. Why is the world the way it is? Because evil is in it. Why does God allow it? God only knows. Our time on earth is less than a drop in the bucket compared to eternity.


That is my point. I don’t know if you have kids, but if you do, why did you have them? I do have one son. I didn’t have him to deliberately test everything about him every single day. I think I said it in my OP, but WHY did He think it was necessary to create people just for them to be treated this way? You mentioned it in your comment (Thank you for responding, btw). Christians were fed to lions, tortured, crucified and mutilated for what? To prove loyalty to God, who put them here knowing the fate they had coming to them? WHY? What was the point? He stacked the deck against people from the beginning, but every preacher I’ve listened to has compared him to a loving parent. I don’t deliberately make it hard for my son to get to the breakfast table every morning. I don’t spoon feed him, but I don’t do it for him either. God put Adam and Eve on Earth and it was the same place the devil would control. If God id all knowing, He knew it would be a disaster, right? So, why do it?

As I had said, God only knows. I can’t answer your questions. Possibly there is someone who is reading this that is smarter than I am and can give you an answer. I just know what I know.

Thank you Jesus for Coming and Marrying us into your Holy Spirit Fathering us into your sons of God, delivering us from this horrid world of sin and wickedness into your Kingdom of Righteousness Joy and Peace!

Im fairly new to Christianity but my background I grew up very poor with death of many loved ones of my relatives, I always hated my parent’s for us being poor and could of easily went the route of prison time myself but luckily did not. I didnt have a change of heart until my father passed last year, and had a son of my own. I Used to always think in the way of the questions you are asking, but to answer some of your questions God created us out of love and faith with freedom of thought, you mention not making it hard for your son to come to the breakfast table, but say one day hes sitting there waiting for you to feed him and you are still laying in bed asleep, should he lose all faith in you to feed him, should he think that you no longer love him, or should he patiently wait for his food to arrive, should he be understanding that your not perfect but still love him unconditionally? And most of your questions revolve around things of this world including your son, when everything is created by God it belongs to God including yourself and your son. Your missing out of the greater things God has to offer beyond this extremely short existence on Earth. He blessed us with free will, some may use it for evil such as the devil but not even God would condemn the Devil until the end of times do to free will and the beauty of anyones ability to repent and change there heart and come to the lord, even murderers. God may allow evil things to happen such with Job, but he doesn’t promote it, he promotes the opposite the 10 commandments and all the parables of Jesus, and will always be with you thru any situation good or bad whether you think its right or not. And the story of Job is one of the most beautiful of the Bible in my opinion because Job had it as bad as anyone could but he repented and remained faithful in the Lord and in the end became more blessed than every before its gotten me thru many struggles in my life. But in the end you must truly have faith and give yourself to God to see the answers to the questions, and once again just a few years ago I didnt even believe in God due to thinking in the way of the questions you are asking.