What kinds of activities qualify as donating your time to the church?

What kinds of activities qualify as donating your time to the church? I help out wherever I can. I’m on the “Decorating Team”. I help plan and set up for various activities. Baby showers, wedding showers, Ladies Tea, VBS, Christmas float, decorating the church, etc. Basically, where ever help is needed. I’m also involved in the Women’s Ministry. I’m as active as I can be, having a child child with special needs. My husband does one Sunday a month in the sound booth running slides. Today, he received an invite from the church for a Volunteer Appreciation Fellowship on Saturday evening to thank him for all of the time that HE donates. I’m kinda feeling like the many, many hours I’ve donated over the last few months has gone completely unnoticed. I mean, I don’t do it for the recognition but, I feel like only certain people receive appreciation for their time and efforts. Am I wrong?

Carrie Sue Phelps

God sees everything that we do in service to Him, and He knows the intent of our heart. Scripture tells us to build up treasures for ourself in heaven. Just look at the service so you do in His name as blessing that you would miss if you weren’t doing … See more

Larry Howe

Bless you! It’s far better to have “At’ta Girl” from The Lord than mere man. You wouldn’t be able to count the many ‘appreciations’ felt by all those who benefit from your ‘service’. As I’ve heard all my life~ "Nobody notices a ‘clean face’ nor an '… See more

Jane Clark

God gave you certain talents to use and anytime you use them for the kingdom you are giving of them time Gid gave you. Part of the whole tithing idea. We are to pay a tenth of All. That includes talents. And before anyone gets on the band wagon I re… See more

Pat Grantham Bonds