What rituals does Christianity have?

What rituals does Christianity have?

Christy Pearson Hall

Only in catholic I guess praying rosary and Novena specially during holyweek so many rituals are being observe for me the rosary is contradicting what the bible saysMatthew 6:7But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they th… See more

Anthony Reyes Urgelles

There are hundreds of variations of Christianity, the two rituals that should be common to all would-be baptism and communion. But they are just simply memorials and have no efficacy in providing salvation. We do these things in memory of our Lord’s at… See more

W Charles Brown

In catholic there is a ritual, mimicking the death and crucifixion of our Jesus Christ I don’t think it is valid to atoned your sin in this kind of ritual.

Gilbert Negrido

Just read your bible and pray. Come up with your own conclusions because all of these answers are wrong

Justin Kruse

The Bible tells us what we should observe regularly. The issue stems from doing these “rituals” because it’s just something you do habitually as opposed to doing it as a means to strengthen your relationship w/ the Lord. These things we observe aren’t … See more

Maggie Darby

I agree with Karel Prins…however…communion should be observed because Christ wanted us to do this in memory of him. Scripture tells us that we should go to anyone we have grievances with in the church and forgive each other before observing communion.

Dana Curtis