What’s Wrong with Just Hoping I’ll Go to Heaven?

What’s Wrong with Just Hoping I’ll Go to Heaven?

My grandmother keeps after me about believing in Jesus so I’ll be sure to go to Heaven when I die, but I’ve decided I’ll just take my chances like most people and not worry about it. Is there anything wrong?

Heaven is in our heart. If you believe, you are living in the heaven.

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This is dangerous attitude. What if you miss the chance to go to heaven?! If you really want to be there, you must take it seriously. You should confirm it and get the assurance.

Just hoping go to heaven, it is not enough. God is infinite, heaven is infinite. We should not only just hoping for it, we should seriously invest our heart, our time and life for it. Let’s try to love God and his words more. God want give you more.

Bible never said that who hope go to heaven that he will be there in the future.

It seems that there is nothing wrong, but you should have action with your faith.

Just hoping i’ll go to heaven is not enough, because the Bible makes it very clear that only the ones who obey God’s will can enter heaven.

I can understand for the older man, they want to get assurance about the heaven.
But heaven is a place where God lives.
To be sure that we have relationship with God so that we can live with Him.