What should I say to a friend that is struggling between being a Muslim and a Christian?

What should I say to a friend that is struggling between being a Muslim and a Christian?

2020-04-17 084425

Kenneth Champagne : If you can find in the Koran all the prophecies you find in the Holy Bible coming true before your very eyes,or
Prophets of God spoke thousands of years ago ,go for it,but you want.its a no brainier the Bible is the word of God and states Jesus is the Messiah

Loyd Davis You cannot be both they are incompatible Moslems wish to eradicate all other religions were Christians pray for the Salvation of Everyone.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka,
For Tiana Lamb, I think this is a real struggle for her friend, without knowing all the details that person was probably raised as a Muslim, but know with a more older mind he’s seeing the truth. Sometimes the best words to say to persons with this problem is to say “follow your heart”, as you can give him one thousand examples but it wouldn’t compare to the real problem they have, as we are sure of our faith. I really think that by, following their heart they will find the truth, and that truth is Jesuschrist. I think the harder part of that person having that doubt is already done. I’m sure hell find in his heart and mind, the truth and will start to be a good Christian.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

For me, I would really say to go and follow what she believes in. This is really hard most especially that a Christian’s belief is far more different than that of a Muslim. But, of course, your path of spirituality depends on yourself. It does not depend on whether what religion or belief system you grew up in, but with yourself. Follow your heart.

Good day my friend @James, its so hard what to say in that situation because you need to justify or clear your side carefully. but if i were on your shoes, i would rather say to her that just follow your heart when do you will grow spiritually…
Im a Christian i fell in love with christ, but still i need a room for improvement in faith. but still im happy everyday knowing that i choose christ to be the center of my life.