What should we do to pass Christian faith to our children?

What should we do to pass Christian faith to our children?

My friend is going to become a mom. One day, she told me she feels the responsibility on her daughter, she want she to become a godly person, so she want to show a beautiful life, but don’t know how to do. How the Christians parents pass the faith well?

I think as parents, this goes to the heart of the matter: Do our kids observe our loyalty to God? We simply cannot pass on a faith that we do not have to our kids. We set the pace. We are our children’s role models for faith and loyalty to God. Remember, our own actions will often speak louder than our words!

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Amen. Our life should be the example for our kids. They will do what they see. :four_leaf_clover: Also, we need to admit our weakness before God, and pray God help us and give us wisdom to teach our kids.

Pray regularly with your kids. Pray at dinner. Pray at bedtime. Prayer is a way to acknowledge God’s presence in your family and in your life. By praying regularly with your kids, you teach your kids that we rely upon God and need His presence in our lives.

Worship as a family. For most of us, this means worshipping together at church on Sundays. Unfortunately, too often, churches have split up the family when it comes to worship time. Take the initiative to make sure there are regular times when your family experiences worship together.

Teach your kids. This can be as simple as having a daily or weekly family devotional or Bible-reading time. I don’t think it’s time to preach and lecture, but I think it’s time for us to do something that’s inspirational and spiritual. Use a devotional guide or make something up on your own. The key is to experiment and find something that works for your family.

Parents should remind our kids of God’s importance. The way we remind our kids of God’s importance is when we talk about it at home. There are many ways and opportunities to do this. The goal is that faith becomes a natural part of our kids’ lives instead of just saying, because it’s impossible to isolate spiritual discussions from the daily ebb and flow of our lives.