What simple joys do you regularly have in your life?

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What simple joys do you regularly have in your life?

For me the simple joy regularly in my life seeing my Family safe and we survive everyday in this covid 19 pandemic because God is always there and never leave us behind. He is always there in times of need Thank You God for all your guidance and blessing you gave us. Iloveyou Jesus.

@Bhert: True! Waking up for another brand new day is truly a blessing because as we sleep at night we do not have a guarantee to wake up again and see another morning. Let us all be grateful even in the smallest things that we have and thank God each day for pouring it unto us. God bless!

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Hello there @Paulo_Juamis…the thought that we are all safe from covid19 is our greatest joy, and despite the pandemic; we must be thankful that we still have food to eat, a money to buy food even if most of us are struggling to meet our needs, and a good health. Let us all continue to pray for Gods’ protection. Take care!

To wake up in the morning with a beautiful, loving wife beside me and having two wonderful boys I can hang out and crack jokes with. It is simple but I know all of these are God’s favor to me. Looking at these 3 very important persons in life makes me realize that God is the one who’s on top of my life, because I don’t deserve to have them in my life but God gave me the best.

My simple joys are to be able to wake up seeing my family together, eating, talking with them about our lives and most of all, being able to pray with them every night before we go to bed. It’s nice to see all of us together especially during this pandemic. I guess quitting my job is worth it, because I get to see them every day.

@MakkaPakka First, being able to sleep at least 7 hours per night especially on weekends. My anxiety keeps me awake every night. But good news, during this pandemic while staying at home and no alarm clock waiting early in the morning, I was able to have 7-9 hrs of sleep. That’s really a big deal for me.
Second, being able to cook more. Now, I have plenty of time cooking and trying out different recipes I watched online. It really puts me in a good mood, and learning new recipes or skills really makes me excited.
Third, being able to communicate with my family daily despite the distance. And knowing that they are healthy and safe. Of course big thanks to the Almighty God for all these blessings. :slight_smile:

@IamRichardJohn: sweet thoughts, just wow! You are blessed with two boys and I guess you need more, and this time a girl…haha! Anyway, God really has wonderful plans to each of us. We are lucky because we are blessed by him even if at times we think we don’t deserve it, and yet he give it though…:blush:

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@kbadum: I envy you :pensive:…I really missed my mom and dad way back home, and this pandemic makes me miss them even more. It’s really hard being away from my family, especially that they are both senior citizens and vulnerable of any diseases. Although my sisters are there, I’m still worried about them because this is my first time to be away with them and I am the youngest in the family. You are lucky because you have them there @kbadum…Cherish every minute and time with them…God bless!

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@Jean: Oh, I’m jealous of the 7-9hrs sleep :pensive:…Actually I really do have a sleeping disorder, maybe because I have anxiety and depression that is why I can’t sleep well. Sometimes I take ceterizine just to sleep long hours, coz the chamomile sleep tea isn’t working again and it’s been 3 days now that I suffer from my migraine… Anyway, I do cook too…mostly, my recipes are DIY haha! And I am beginning to engage in baking too…a really big thanks to youtube! Continue doing it @Jean and God bless!:blush:

Same thing with me @MakkaPakka, few days ago my sleeping hours are not good. I can’t sleepwell, what I did was I drink milk and lessen drinking coffee. I think I have insomnia, I don’t know, when I can’t sleep I did watching kdrama or chinese movies mostly late at night like 1am or 12am I can sleep yet I woke up so early. I hope we gonna sleep well @MakkaPakka. Let just pray before we are going to sleep.

@Bhert: True! I am not really fond of milk but I do really love coffee haha! My sleeping disorder started last 2009 when my work shift is from 7pm-3am plus I do have anxiety and depression that attacks most of the time, so I am lucky if I can have a 3-4hrs sleep as always :pensive:…I feel like floating today as I have a cleaning schedule, but thank God I finished it…I am not fond of watching tv and videos too haha! I am more into reading pdf file books of self help and non fictions…Anyway, let us both pray for a goodnight sleep not just tonight but also in the next days @bhert:blush:

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I believe, We are both struggling with sleep because of anxiety and depression. Hehe. Maybe not today, but things will surely get better again. We may have darker days for now, but there will always be brighter days ahead. Yes, thanks a lot to Youtube! It’s been a great help. Also, lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy with growing some indoor plants. Have you tried it too? It’s refreshing! I started with small and medium pots, since we don’t have much bigger space outside. It kinda lessen my stress plus cooking of course. It has that effect emotionally and mentally on me. It’s a great combination especially these days that we are staying at home. :slight_smile:

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@Jean: Thanks! Hopefully we will overcome our anxiety and depression…I don’t have a green thumb that is why I let my husband plant for me and the only task I can do is remove weeds and water the plants haha!..I am not fond of indoor plants…we only have a garden full of veggies like tomatoes, string beans, speing onions, chillies, squash, horseradish,radish, pechay etc…We really make it a habit to plant, because veggies here in Asian markets are very expensive as well as living abroad too hehe! So we are thankful to our landlady for allowing us to plant, as well as thank God for blessing us here…:blush: