What the И stands for…any info would be appreciated

I bought a pair of pants from a thrift store and found this in my washer after washing the pants today. I’m not sure but I read the NR could stand for Jesus of Nazareth or can have something to do with the first Pope…And then I’m not sure what the И stands for…any info would be appreciated, thanks.

Michael Lynn Taylor Jr.

“INRI” is Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Joseph Bacon

Nazaren,I think your right in your thinking

Garry Ogle Sr.

Jesus was called the “Nazarene” Perhaps someone’s missing it?

Jaynee Peyton Lander

Burn it

Retha Augustyn Vermeulen

This is my Fish.

Rosemary Lange

Yes, that’s supposed to be INRI from Latin “Isus Nazarenus Rex Iujaerum” meang Jesus of Nazareth King of theJews… meaning NR stands for Nazarenus Rex.

Redwine Merx