What will the teen Christians be facing in the very near future?

What will the teen Christians be facing in the very near future? Already they are facing things i never had to face as a Christian at their age. I didn’t have to make a choice between God and my friends because my friends believed the way I did even if they were not saved. O but today our children are getting closer and closer to the point they will have to make difficult choices between our LORD and friends or the feeling of being accepted. We all want to be accepted.
And what will our grandkids be facing in another 10 years, I can’t even imagine.
O LORD, give them a double portion from the generations before, because they are going to need it. And LORD give me a double portion that I may help them on their journey. Jesus name, Amen.

Steven Richardson

Amen!! And I come into agreement about the double portion of strength and faith. Also courage and endurance. They’re definitely gonna need way more than what older generations did as children and teens. The world just keeps on getting more corrupt and vile. Especially with the way everything is being sexualized these days.

Landon Staton

awesome… I pray for the children, that one day they will know life as I knew it. Please Jesus show yourself to this new generation in your perfect ways… I pray this in Jesus name amen

Ron Neumann

I hardned my heart and can’t feel God or nothing anymore I didn’t mean to do it I didn’t know it would happen if I didn’t listen to God. Help me I think I’m going to hell has anyone else experienced this before.

Dillon Das

I keep having to refocus…He did not expect us to correct government…He stressed love, faith, unity. I keep refocusing on those and remembering my children and grandchildren do not belong to me.

Beth Baboryk Franklin