What will you do if you were going to die in three days?

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Everybody can’t avoid death. If you have only three days for living, what will you do?

i think i will talk with God. i will talk many things to God and say i am very sorry in this world. i cannot live as i wished.

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I won’t know until that time comes.

However, having been mercifully saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, I have something to look forward to. I think I might have to force myself to think of the people who love me and say good bye to them and think of their feelings.

Otherwise, all I could think would be “Hurry up! I can’t wait to get to heaven!”

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Try to evangelize someone or talk to any bible study students I already teach. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the question.

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To be honest, if I had only three days left in my life, I would go where I want to go, meet the people I want to see, and say what I want to say the most. I will say sorry to those I have not forgiven, I also apologize to those who did not forgive me. I will also use the last time to send blessings to strangers.

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i will pray and meditate all day long before God.

If I only got three days to live, I would spend it by going to church and spending my time to my family. Repent and forgive people that I hurt and had hurt me in the past. I will transact everything that I have to secure my daughters future too.

Given 3 days before death, I will spend it in my wedding and it will be a 3 day celebrations of honoring all present during that time.

If I’m going to die within three days, First I will ask for the Lord’s forgiveness on the sins that I did consciously or not, because I’m not exempted in committing sin even I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I will thank Him in giving me His grace and loving me unconditional. And then, I will spend my remaining time in giving Glory the Lord that loved me beyond my imperfection. I will pray and ask the Lord what He wants me to do in my remaining days here on earth. I will follow His will and i want to share the goodness of the Lord to other people. And i will also tell to my family and friend that I’m blessed that i was able to share my life with them and served the Lord with them. I will give my best to give God the Glory that He alone deserved until my last breath, after all He own my life. :wink: :smile:

If I am going to die in three days, first, I will talk to God and ask for forgiveness. I will thank Him for the wonderful years He has given me and the people all around me. I would spend more time with my loved ones and appreciate every second I have with them. Being alive is truly a gift from God, it is a treasure, I will forever be grateful for all the years the Lord has given me.