What wonders there are to witness in Jesus!

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

What wonders there are to witness in Jesus!
All His magnificence we may behold in His redeeming power.
He takes whom the world labels useless and gives them strength and purpose.
The throwaways of society are precious in His sight.
Those who are brought low,
He shall beckon to the mountain top.
He prays over them and in glorious splendor, breathes upon hearts a blessing of renewal.
The vestiges of oppression fall away as He leads the procession to higher ground.
What once was ebony transforms to snow.
The humble are brought to the summit and in union, all rejoice in the freedom of His transforming love.

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Hi @Brady Yes amen! For those who declared this wonder of God throughout the first-century world, something really had happened. They had seen it. They had heard it. What they had seen and heard was nothing short of all they had ever hoped. Every one of them hoped to the very end, declaring the wonders of God in their own tongue. We too are witnesses! We image God on earth. We reflect Christ in relationship. We reveal life in the Spirit through genuine love and enduring hope. Each one of us has a story to tell, a first-hand account of the goodness of God. Do not hide your light under a bush. Declare the wonders of God with your testimony. Something’s happened in you; give it away and see what happens!

For followers of Christ, wonder begins and ends with Jesus, for the entire story of the Bible points to his life, death, and resurrection. No one else in history inspires awe like he did and does. He walked on water. He restored the sick. He taught us how to love others by demonstrating the most excellent way, voluntary sacrifice for the undeserving.

It is heart-warming to witness how God uses the undeserving for His greatness, changing us inside and out, purifying our lives through the holy spirit who lives in us. Even if we don’t ask for it, He gives it to us freely because of the love that he has for every one of us. Praise God.