What Would Your Response Be, If Someone Asked You What The Gospel Was?

What Would Your Response Be, If Someone Asked You What The Gospel Was?

Ryan Christian

A lot of people go to First Corinthians 15. It is much more than that. It is a love story, about a Father’s love to restore relationship with His estranged children. It’s about a Brother’s love. He was willing to sacrifice Himself in order to share His Father’s love with all His brothers and sisters. It is about a perfect Son who was willing to take on Himself the shame and dishonor and penalty for his siblings’ disobedience, selfishness and waywardness. It’s about God pouring out His Own Spirit inside of His redeemed children to continually guide us on the path of salvation and eternal life that delivers us from death and destruction. It is about the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit in unity working to fully restore everything that was lost because of the great love God has for His creation. That’s the Good News.

Richard Semione

The story of redemption and of the sacrifice of Christ of the cross that is able to save people from a life of separation from him

TracyLee Clark

Jesus died for our sins, per scripture. He was buried and rose from the grave, per scripture and there where several hundred witnesses that saw him after his death

Bryan Hunt

The life Jesus (God) lived on behalf of sinners who deserve damnation for their rebellion against a HOLY GOD, when they trust in his finished work. [Extremely shortened]

Donovan Willis

there was a righteous man who was not worthy of death, but he gave his precious life to the unworthy and garbage like me.

Erwel Andres