Whatever You Ask for in Prayer, Believe That You Have Received It and It Will Be Yours

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Reflection from GFGC Youths
“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” - MARK 11:24 :heart:

Jesus is a generous God. He gives anything we ask that He knows better for us. Believing that God will answer our prayer is not a spell that we place on God so He must give us what we want. If we ask with the right intentions and within God’s will, He will give you whatever you prayed for. And there are times that when you ask Him and you don’t receive anything, that’s just because the reason you ask is wrong. You only want to use it for your own pleasure. God cares about what we say. He listens to us every time we ask him. So we know that He will gives us whatever we ask from Him.

Thanks for posting this @Natalia…this is actually one of my life verse… When we ask something to God and we experience delay, it doesn’t mean God rejected our prayers…it simply means that he is preparing your request through his will. So when we pray for something, claim it to God that you have received it already and just extend patience when you experience delay…

A very powerful verse but a very serious command from God as well. Powerful in a sense that God is assuring us of what our prayers can do and how it works. It is telling us that asking from God through prayer is not just informing God of what we want but also believing at the same time that He will answer it. Yet it is also a serious command because the verse is telling us not to doubt the power of God. It is commanding us to remove even a slight hesitation that God is greater than all our concerns. Therefore we should always be watchful when we pray, before we come to God’s throne in prayer we should always remind ourselves that nothing is impossible with God.

I must agree @Natalia. Pray. Trust and believe. I’m claiming it. Let’s all claim it.

This is me believing that one day God will answer all my prayers. This is me believing that one day this pandemic will be over and we will be in a better place, inhaling and exhaling what life has to offer as it passes by each and everyday. This is me wishing and praying for everyone whose struggling and stuck in a bad place right now that everything will be okay and we will overcome all this. One day, we will be much happier than ever. :slight_smile:

Jesus told you to "believe you receive when you pray."This may seem strange to you. But this is what God requires of us. It is called “faith in God.”
What you believe will affect your attitude and your conduct. You can’t make God do something by acting like you believe. But if you truly believe something, you will talk and act in line with that belief. When you believe you receive the answer, you will quit talking and acting like you don’t have the answer. You will begin to rejoice and be glad. You will quit asking others to pray for the answer. You will quit complaining about not having the answer. You may wonder how you can believe you receive the answer if you are not sure it is God’s will. You can’t! This means that you should not be praying about things you are not already sure are the will of God. So you need to go to God’s written Word, the Bible, and find out His will before you pray. Then you can pray confidently knowing you are asking something that is God’s will.

Yes Amen to that. When you ask God for something, if you don’t believe, then why even ask? It’s an empty exercise. But if you pray and ask God for something, Jesus said, believe that he’s going to do it. Thank him in advance for what only he can do. And then look for how he answers your prayer.