What's a good response?

What's a good response?

Hi there!

This short write up is intended to guide you to post a better response for Q&A posts

Before you respond to a question

  1. Read the question a few times and make sure that you understand the question. If not, do ask the questioner about the part that you are not clear about or you may ask them to rephrase the question for better understanding. DONOT post an answer without understanding the question clearly.

  2. Make sure you understand the questioner before you answer the question. REMEMBER that you are NOT answering the question but a questioner who may have the question because of a very close personal experience. Therefore try as much as possible to answer the questioner not just the question.

Drafting the response

  1. Pray and ask for God’s guidance that your answer may draw the questioner close to God.
  2. Be clear as much as possible.
  3. Avoid one line responses. Make sure that the questioner feels that he/she is respected and cared for through your answer.
  4. Use illustrations, if possible to answer practical questions.
  5. Let your words be polite and gentle.
  6. Make sure you have clarity in the point you are making - that the readers donot have to search for the point you are trying to make. Let it be very obvious.
  7. Use scripture references for supporting your answer.
  8. Keep your answers as original as possible. You may use links and answers from other sources if necessary. Give proper citation if you are copying from other places. Though you are copying from other places, make sure you also have your voice, not mere copy pasting.
  9. Use emojis :slight_smile: to give life to your answers.

Before posting

  1. Be sure to read your response before you post to make sure you have drafted all that you wanted to say and the post meets that above mentioned standards.
  2. Make edits if necessary

Happy Posting!