What's bothering you?

Hello, dear friends,
What’s bothering you today?
I open this question so me and all of you can say it, listen advices and start resolving the issue with the help of our Lord.
In my own case, I feel uneasy with my mom, right now she’s the only one in the house actively going out to do the shopping and activities regarding her work, but I feel she’s not taking seriously the crisis we have and fear she would get sick. The same thing with my grandfather, although he’s not going out, he’s a little stubborn with the mask. I know talking I can reach them, but still bother me a little.
So, what’s bothering you my friends?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I feel you too sir @Luis_Ruiz! I feel uneasy that I know my mom and dad went out yesterday in the public market to buy their food for weeks. Although they wear mask, but still I am worried because they are senior citizens and my mom has an asthma too. I am also anxious about the report that there is a positive case now near in the community where we live in. :pensive:

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Going out to buy groceries is a necessary work that your mom’s got to do. Otherwise, how are you going to get any food? Are there any alternatives? Are stores willing to do deliveries?
Of course, she’s taking seriously the crisis we’re currently in along with getting the food for her family.
I go out everyday too to buy food. Since we don’t have a fridge, I have to buy meat and fish daily. I made sure we’ve got some canned goods at home, but I’ve got to make sure more that we still have a balanced diet. True, catching the virus scares me. But I’ve got to do this because I’ve got to do this.
The current crisis bothers me. It’s inevitable that people will only think of themselves. Throughout this, I pray to God to renew my strength each day to go through these challenges.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” -Psalm 34:4

What’s bothering me is this Ncov19 crisis. This is only my opinion. I think china created this virus as bio weapon against Asia, America etc. I’m just wondering throughout the country of china why only wuhan is very affected by the virus. Total of number recovered is way far from deaths. Few deaths high recovery. If you can think other countries like italy :woman_facepalming:.China knew this would happen they’ve created a vaccine already for other countries to buy them. This is only marketing for china.

:no_entry_sign:Don’t dare to touch animals, we may not know what they can do.

I am so bothered about the COVID-19 outbreak. I have no idea when this all will end. I have plans for my family and the outbreak is stopping all those plans.