What's the meaning of cross?

This cross necklace was a gift from my wife. I where it everywhere I go so when people see it they will know what I stand for. This cross here It’s just a cross it’s not the cross it’s the meaning behind it. This meaning is the only way of real pure change and the only way to change. It represents the savior and this cross it represents what he stands for freedom, liberty, salvation,redemption every single thing that can make our life better. Real pure change starts here at the cross we are all apart of a team we are all unified and joined as one through this cross, through our Lord Jesus Christ and what all he did and what he stands for and this cross is my testimony wherever I go whoever I see whatever I’m doing it is my testimony. The bible says for those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved if we want to truly change our life and want better results it all starts here at the cross.

Brandon Wilburn