"What's the turning point in your faith life? "

"What's the turning point in your faith life? "

I think in our faith life, there are more than one turning point. As for me, I feel the first very important one is after studying Galatians. Because before that I learned many laws from the Bible Study, I think God loves me and I know I should obey the laws to have a holy life before God, but when I studied the laws more, I saw my sins more, I couldn’t love others, I couldn’t lay down my own wrong thoughts and habits, and I feel very sorrow for my life, and I found I couldn’t change myself, I had much self-accusation.

Thank God, after I learned Galatians, my life began to change. Galatians teaches the message of the Gospel. Through this book, I found in the past I only receive God’s love with the reason, I didn’t receive the unconditional love into my heart. I realized I need to receive God’s love first and also only in God’s grace I could be changed. After that, when I saw my sins, I would come before God, tell God’s my weakness and repent and ask for his forgiveness and grace to stand up again. So I fell this is a very important turning point in my faith life.

“What’s the turning point in your faith life?”

After I graduated from college, I choose to serve in the Church as a full-time minister.

After I graduated, I was looking for a job. But at that moment, I thought about what the meaning of my life was and how could I live a meaningful life.
I was born in a Christian family, so at that moment I think it was God who gave me the answer , the most meaningful way is to serve Him. Therefore I became a missionary to preach the Word of God.

The turning point for me in my faith life, was the day I couldn’t read my Bible and had to keep trying older and older system restores to try to rescue my computer.

Without reading my Bible, I was sure I would be my old self: yelling, and pounding on the desk, maybe even getting stupid enough with frustration to break something. Yeah. Bad attitude I had before Christ.

But that day that my computer almost died, I didn’t do any of those things, I had a sister in Christ to talk with, it finally worked and my system was restored, and I found that God was right there.

I didn’t know what to call it. Then through reading a friend’s blog, I found out they call that “walking in the Spirit”. In other words, I learned that day, one more time, that it is God who does the work, not me. I should read my Bible yes. But I should also, and actually firstly, trust God!

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