What's your thoughts about this photo?

What's your thoughts about this photo?

This photo shows what Satan does and what the Lord of Glory does Jesus these days
Devil / tries to cut down the tree in order to hunt everyone who lives in the amusement parks of the world

One of his aides helps him attract the tree to the abyss
The Lord Jesus / alerts his creation to danger and near the end of their days and strikes the bell to warn and some respond and most do not care


Hello, dear @Sasha
I like this picture… You can take a lot of meaning to every detail on it. As you say Jesus is calling for us, ringing the bell so we are aware of the devil intentions… The devil is trying to take the three that represents life, he wants us to go to be dead and far away of the Lord. I don’t like that the death is shown as an skelent as it looks a little silly, but I like how he’s not actively helping the devil, as death is only natural he’s there to do the job he’s supposed to do. With that aside, the best message is that Jesus is calling for us at every moment, he wants us to be by his side when the time of death comes, so we can ascend to heavens where he is… Some responde to the message and some don’t…
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

hih @Sasha i love the picture, even we are on a party and forget our GOD, Still he is working and help us not to fall to satan. Sometimes we did not saw that because of so many things and priorities, we forget to give thanks to our GOD. There still no late when GOD CALLS YOU. Just feel his presence he is everywhere and anywhere. Open pur hearts to our GOD.

@Sasha: In the world that we live today, we experience a lot of things that are out of our control, we experience war and danger but it’s comforting to know that God has promised to protect His people… This picture says it all, on how God has been protecting us ever since. We must always remember our God is more powerful than the devil/satan. And when we make God as our refuge, we have security in Him. God bless us all!:blush:

This illustration clearly shows how we humans live our lives, we like to enjoy and have parties along with our friends and family. Which there is nothing wrong at all. The only problem we see is that death as illustrated by the skeletal image holding a scythe, will never stop to end our life, meaning life is short. Our life is hanging in a balance, the devil has his rope tied on our life and the only way for us to free ourselves is to listen to the call of Jesus our savior. He is using a tiny bell and when we are so focused on the fun part of life then it would be impossible for us to hear Jesus calling us. For me enjoying life is never bad but we have to put God in the center so that our life will never be hanging in a balance, because we have already responded to the bell of Jesus Christ.

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@Sasha I think one of the most amazing act of selfless love is that despite our sin, God’s love motivated and instructed Christ to die for us. In our messiness, Jesus still loves us. Just like the picture says.
God’s love is constant, consistent, and steadfast. Despite our continual flaws, sin, and tendency to become distant from God, God’s love draws us closer back to Him. In a world where giving and receiving love is often conditional and fleeting, God’s love is stable, healing, comforting, and a source of refuge.

What’s going on here? :slight_smile:

I seriously don’t know. It could be dangerous applying artwork to theology because this is clearly one man’s personal attempt to interpret Scriptures based on subjective opinion. It could be great, but it could also bring up mixed signals that aren’t Bible-based for real.

Well, it’s just a painting I guess, and like any artwork, interpretation depends on the beholder’s eyes

Hi @Sasha, thank you for allowing us to see this photo. I have read Bible verse in Psalm 23:4, what God mades me understand Him is this Satan is trying to pull-down our happiness just like what on the photo, satan used a thick-clow rod to cut-down the tree while God used a bell for them to be reminded or give them a signal to save their lives. This is how God really love us, and his mercy to us never fails. Always remember @Sasha although we aren’t in control of everything that’s happening nowadays, our Father in Heaven will never leave us alone in the dark.

What a meaningful picture! It just shows how God never gives up on His people. He continuously calls us to give us his messages of love and mercy. Some hears his voice, while others are preoccupied with the voices in the world. I pray that our hearts will always be open to God’s call.

The Lord God will always have our backs no matter what. In times of danger, we must closely listen to the Lord God and ask guidance, rather that letting the devil consume us with fear.