When God heals you, let the world know what an awesome God you serve

My name is Trishanna Rattansingh and I’m 30 years old, I never thought this would happen to me but it did, and this is my testimony.
I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, my left lung was filled with water and I struggled to breathe, my blood pressure was so high I almost went into cardiac arrest, my sugar level was so low I almost ended up in a coma.
I had so many things connected to me on that hospital bed and I honestly thought I was going to die.
I had doctors all around me holding me down as I struggled to breathe, injecting me with countless medications.
The doctors did everything they could do but I still struggled to breathe and my ordeal was the scariest thing I’ve ever had to experience.
Hearing these words from a doctor, “We’ve done everything we could, now it’s up to meds to work,” it discourages and scares you alot.
Seeing Jesus Christ in the hospital was the only thing that calmed my heart.
His peace was overwhelming!
Since seeing Jesus in that hospital, there’s a song in my mind keeps replaying and I keep singing,
“I am the God that healeth thee, I am the Lord, your healer. I sent My Word and healed your disease, I am the Lord your healer.”
Fast forward to today,
Jesus LITERALLY gave me the breath of life,
He breathed into my lungs and I could suddenly breathe again, without struggle, without fighting.
Everything in my body has been healed, my God is an awesome God, He’s my healer, He deserves all the glory and the honour!
Please don’t give up on God because He won’t ever give up on you.

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You are a living testimony of God’s great power Trishanna Rattansingh! This is one of those things where no doctor can ever explain. Such a wonderful miracle. That moment when Jesus Christ took the wheel and lead you to a wonderful life, again.

Hello, the miraculous work of GOD, Trishanna good you believed in jesus that is why you were healed. be grateful because you know your GOD. you said you sang, you keep on looking at him which means during that moment of your life you believed that GOD is a healer . and just a suggestion, now that you experienced GOD mighty power, go and testify to others who are sick just be careful and be therapeutic when talking with them. GOD BLESS YOU MORE … GOD IS GOOD

Hi @James I like to highlight the best part of the testimony by Trishanna:

Everything in my body has been healed, my God is an awesome God, He’s my healer, He deserves all the glory and the honour!
Please don’t give up on God because He won’t ever give up on you.
I am so much thankful the way God healed and shaped the faith of Trishanna. It declares that whoever disciples of God that showed Him sincerety and never give up to what He is praying for, will always have a chance to grow further and living in the eyes of the Lord. I thank God for saving the lives of Trishanna and giving her a chance to be with her family🙏

Hello, dear @james
Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony of Trishanna, a lovely story and one who is something a lot of people should hear right now! In these times of quarantine with the risk of the coronavirus, we some times may feel desperate or sad, but quoting this:

This is what we always need to believe, with God everything will be fine, he will never let us down!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Yes God is very amazing. God can heals people who’s in pain and suffering. Just don’t give up and keep fighting and yes tell the world how God awesome is after what you have witnessed from him. Spread the word and continue to be blessed.

Trully God is our greatest Doctor you are a Living testimony of how God works and move to your life be a testimony to other who experience sufferings specially people have a very bad disease I pray that God will continued to heal you and bless you. Thank you for your testimony

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