When God runs with you, It's called Grace!


Hello @Jenny Yes Amen! God invites us onto the track for a race of grace. It starts with all of us and ends with all of Him. If we, as Christians, are patient, humble, honest, and obedient, we slowly transform into Him along the way. And at the end, we raise our hearts and arms in celebration of God and all His glory, not ours.All for HIS glory,

Thank you for this reminder. It just hit me that we are not alone, God is running with us. Even if there are time that He seems silent. He supplies our every need as our father who spoils us with things that will fill us with overflowing love that we will lack nothing. God is more than everything we asked and needed in our life.

@Jenny i checked on google what grace means one of the meanings that i really love is the “freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.” indeed truly by His grace, we are alive, because of HIS LOVE for us we can survive. By his grace we are redeemed . Just like what He promise HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR US. we can cling on , we can believe in him he wont let us to be alone

Amen to this, @Jenny.
A reminder that God will always be with us no matter how fast we’re running. He will always stay by our side and go through everything with you. You are never alone. Know that God is there, watching you make decisions. Let us choose to do what is right and make Him proud. Let us choose to help others and inspire them to do the same.