When I died… I just want you to know where I’m coming from

When I died…
I realize a lot of you don’t believe in Jesus. I don’t blame you. I was raised a Christian but didn’t have an ounce of faith for someone I couldn’t see, touch, or hear.
I had a strange experience recently where I had no other choice but to believe. I died in the hospital recently while in a comma. I was brought back within seconds. It felt like hours.
I realize I may lose a few friends for posting this but I feel compelled to do it anyway.
I met him; Christ I mean. I was falling through the sky, towards a great blue lake. When I hit the lake I was electrified. It hurt. I thought I had died and gone to hell! I landed at the foot of a man. He had beautiful eyes, dark, olive skin, and long brown hair.
He helped me to my feet and introduced himself as Jesus Christ. When his hands touched mine, I felt instant love surrounding me, at a level that I can’t describe. The best I have is that I felt completely submerged in joy, peace, and coherence.
He told me I had to return to my life in order to help those in need of God, or more simply, those who would be healed through prayer.
Please understand, I will not try and covert you if you don’t believe. Or even if you have little to go by within your own upbringing, I certainly will not try and convince you otherwise. As your friend or family member, I just want you to know where I’m coming from.

Kenneth Gibbs-Figuly

That is an amazing story. I was actually just praying asking God if there was anyway he could save my dad because he passed away without faith. The Bible tells us Jesus will close the door on us and say he never knew us if that happens. I know it sound… See more

Joanne Hebbel Velik

JESUS 's us all… He doesn’t want any of us to go to he’ll, it’s important that we continue to stay strong as the BODY OF CHRIST, to pray that those who are not saved to listen to God’s knocking at the door * heart* we are living in the end times, and… See more

Sunshine Forest

I also beleive you. I pray that those that are not saved after reading your testimony they will accept the saviour of mankind. Please kindly pray for divine healing and touch in my life and ministry and all that concerns me in Jesus name

Mary Beckley