When my daughter was 25 years old she drowned.God and art has helped me to cope with hard times throughout my life

Til we meet again…
When my daughter was 25 years old she drowned. I felt numb and angry and didn’t know what to do with myself. A year later her twin sister was killed in a tragic car accident. This devistated me and my family beyond words can describe. I never thought I would bury any of my children.
As I was starting to heal my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and I spiraled back into confusion, grief and pain.
God and art has helped me to cope with hard times throughout my life; I’ve needed it as an outlet of expression and to let out negative feelings and grief from these experiences.
I press forward using art daily to transform the negative into something beautiful and remind myself we are all capable of getting through ANY obstacle. To remind us to be thankful for our families and friends and to see every day as a blessing and a gift. This is why I wanted to share my artwork with you today.

Matt Harward

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Beautiful… keep going

Barbara Eastwood

God bless you

Carlos Eulloque

God bless you for your heartfelt sharing may many be touched by your strength which takes my breath away and yes, till we meet again

Ana Stasia

Stay strong sir

Ifeanyi Chukwu Kalu

So sorry for your losses! Very nice artwork

Cindy D’Aoust

Thank you for sharing this. I know you will see your children again through Jesus Christ.

Carson Gower

No one knows what someone is going through which is why we need to be kind. So sorry that you have experienced so much loss in your life, Matt.

Julie Jones

Prayers for your Healing of Body mind and spirit in JESUS name I ask Amen

Barb James

Praying God will sustain you xx

Laine Wong

I’m sorry you had to go through that. I can not even begin to imagine how it was. Yet your art is beautiful as there is still beauty inside you to draw it. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle T Almand


Carmelo Melo