When satan came against Adam and Eve why did he use a serpent, the most subtle, crafty living creature instead of a fierce animal like a tiger or a bear?

Thought for the day:
When satan came against Adam and Eve why did he use a serpent, the most subtle, crafty living creature instead of a fierce animal like a tiger or a bear? Because the only power that satan has is deception. As the father of lies, he used words. He didn’t try to bite them or poison them and couldn’t force them to disobey God so he had to trick them. He had to get them to buy into his lies. He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour. Those roars are just loud convincing lies but he can’t bite you. He has no power over you. If he could have his way he would devour everyone on the planet but it says he is “seeking”. He is seeking those that have bought into his lies. If you’re one of those that says “the devil made me do it” well he didn’t make you do anything. He tempted you and lied to you and you took the bait. He can’t do anything to you without your cooperation. That’s why it is very important to know the Truth. How can you ever know that you are being lied to if you don’t know the Truth?As a born again new creation in Christ you are adopted into His Kingdom as sons and daughters of God. That is your identity. You have been given power and authority against all powers of darkness by Jesus Christ (God) Himself. He gave you His Holy Spirit. Receive It today by just simply inviting and asking Him into your life, to transform and renew your mind. Truly BELIEVE it in your heart and it will be done. The chains and blindfolds will fall off and you will clearly see

Michael Leal

Satan has no power. It is us who gives him the power when we buy into his lies and deceit. Jesus did not fall into the traps of Satan and his temptations. Instead Jesus demonstrated that Satan has no power over Him. The good news is that victory over Satan belongs not only to Jesus but is ours as well.

Michael Lynn Taylor Jr.

Did Satan come against Adam or Eve? Sound as though you are saying both… the devil always mix a lie with some truth… Genesis 3:1-5

Natty Robinson

Very true. It’s also because the serpent does not have legs. In order to move, he must be crafty. In order to survive, he must be crafty. He slithers on earth by his belly. This parallels the dynamic mentioned countless times in the Bible about the danger of clinging to things of this earth. This is what distinguishes fallen man from the spiritual man. A serpent is also the same letter in Hebrew as seed. This is represented by the letter “Nun” or “N”. When Genesis describes man’s soul, it describes two different souls for the earthly man- one from above and one below. Nephesh is the soul for the body. Neshamah is the soul of man that is above. It hangs by a “plumb-line”. Coincidentally, these two forms of the soul start with the letter “Nun”. When weaved together, what we have is DNA! This is also why the Tribe of DAN is the serpent. If you just move the A over a space, you have DNA. This is what happened to man after he transgressed against God’s will. He became a man, trapped by the DNA the binds him to the earth. The third part of man’s spirit is breathed in through his nostrils. It’s called Ruach. This is the Holy Spirit. This is why wearing a mask “at this time” is such a bad thing. It limits the collective body of Christ- US. As Corinthians mentions, the temple is our body. Collectively, our united faith brings about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit even more so than if one person were alone. It’s like being in a dark room with only one candle lit. If others join in, you’ll see EVERYTHING. So, just like the trinity above, we are made in the same likeness. Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah. As above, so below. When you put it all together, you get NRN, which in Hebrew means “candle or light”. Once you unify all three parts of your soul, you have just ascended beyond your vessel, or shell that houses your soul. This is what confines man to just be a man. The more you know!

Mike O’Connor

It did not matter how satan came in what form! His purpose & intent was deception! Adam & Eve had no concept of the serpent being sly & crafty! The lie was, “Surely, God has NOT said…” It was the possibility that Adam and Eve had options - outside of God’s Word to them of “Do not eat…” Satan gave them the thought, that their opinion on God’s commands came with an option package! A ‘what if’, ‘just maybe’, ‘try it, you’ll like it’, ‘taste and you will see’, ‘one bite won’t matter’, ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never really know’, ‘He’s not looking, give it a go’, etc. The disobedience was not in the act, as much as it started in their hearts. It has been the case with all of mankind ever since! BUT GOD is crying out to us to “taste AND see that the He ALONE is good”. He is calling us back to Him. Taste of My Truth in Jesus AND you will then see My goodness ~ of My love, grace and mercy ~ that I want to pour out upon your lives!! Come to Me all who are thirsty and experience My waters of everlasting life springing up inside of you. Come to the 2nd Adam, Jesus and find rest for your souls!"

Al Videc

The devil’s lies are where they start but once people as a whole accept the lies then they become the agency of the devil through the lies and the devil can do more than just bite you then. To say that the devil can’t bite you is just not true. God can protect you through it but at the same time God makes it clear the apostle Paul for that matter makes it clear that in this world you’ll have troubles and some of those troubles will be afflictions we’ll be afflictions but they are considered light afflictions compared to glory.

Jeffrey Mason

Very true!

Annet Roberts

Amen! Love this post!

Amanda Rosser