When the commands of men

When the commands of men, even of those in governmental or religious authority positions, conflict with the commands of God, we must obey God and not men. While Christians are supposed to submit to legitimate governmental authorities, they are instructed to practice “civil disobedience” if a law of man tells them to violate a law of God.
Lord, let us not be such as rebel against governments which you have ordained and pridefully say that we have no obligation to submit to man’s laws. For there is no power but of God, and the powers that be are ordained of God (Romans 13). But let us also have courage to stand firm and resist if we are forced to choose between obeying you and obeying mere men.

Eddie Villanueva

Amen. To obey God rather than people’s the obligation resting on us. If government wants to charge us with disobedience, we must plead guilty. Where God’s matters are concerned, the Good News’ preaching no prohibiting can avail. In these matters the go… See more

James McNair Brown

Should this be obeyed?Exodus 21:20-21… See more

Brendyn Fehr

thats right, we cannot live in the old testament. JESUS CHRIST CAME.

Melvin Clark