When those prophesied events begin to happen we’ll understand

I don’t think anything in the book of Revelation has happened yet. It was a vision of the future apocalypse. It’s largely metaphor and symbolism. If we study, and know the book, and keep watch, when those prophesied events begin to happen we’ll understand.

Monty Wheeler

Some already happened, some didn’t.Yeah, it is very symbolic. If you read the other books of the Bible before reading Revelation, then you are more likely to understand the symbols.

Hans Keasey Miessan

Obviously not read it ,obviously does not understand it ,obviously is not a believer as from beginning to end of the Bible it’s how we came to be ,how things unfold ,how stories then are being seen today ,how signs of things revealed and yes plenty see… See more

Stephen Mackie

I’d say we’re in the part where Jesus is addressing the seven churches. Definitely the 21 judgments are still in the future, but the close future imho.

Micki Shilvock

Uh besides the things I did When China blew up the satellite in space it caused a ripple that enterfered with the light from the stars not all but about a third of them just stopped being seen in the blink of the eye If you have ears to Hear the red … See more

Robert Allen