When we say "I", what does this "I" exactly refer to?

When we say "I", what does this "I" exactly refer to?

Perhaps the dictionary can help:

pronoun, nominative I, possessive my or mine, objective me; plural nominative we, possessive our or ours, objective us.
the nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself.
noun, plural I’s.
(used to denote the narrator of a literary work written in the first person singular).
Metaphysics. the ego.

Our lives, our time is a gift from God. Our body is also God’s gift. We are responsible to make choices for our lives. What is the “I” that makes choice and takes responsibility? Is it my soul, the image of God?

The “I” is yourself. Your whole body, including your soul, you mind, your spirit. You make choice yourself should take the responsibility.

My friend, I pray for you to know yourself more. Many people have the same question, they don’t know who they really are and how should they live their lives, but few people try to take this problem seriously and to seek the final answer.

God created us, he has a special purpose in your life, try to find it, turn to God, let’s pray for it and seek for it. May God reveal his plan to you. God bless you!

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Don’t be too serious, “I” refers to just “I”, nothing else.