"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you."

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"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you."

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What a wonderful verse it reminds me how God loves me and care for me even in this crisis right now we need Him to protect us from covid19 virus

Hi @Jenny
Thank you for sharing this verse! Let us all remember that God will always be by our side wherever and whenever. We should not let Him down because He will never let us down. Let us always pray to God because He will strengthen us and give us hope in the obstacles we will take.
Let us pray to the Lord for strength and good health. Amen.

This post is really refreshing, thank you! I love how God is always affirming us in our life journey. He has His way of helping us remember His promises and leading us in the right direction. We are loved beyond much despite our sins. His love warms the heart and it gives joy that words cannot explain.

This verse is simply a reminder that whatever we encounter either any form of hardships, God is with us…He will never abandon us no matter what…we just have to make our grip unto him more stronger by making our faith more firmer…always remember that no matter how times we stumble, our Almighty Father is there to drag us up where we fall…

@Jenny this is very timely. Whatever our situation or going through right now, know that God will not allow the voice of enemy to penetrate into our spirit and tear us down. Rather, God will always guide us whenever we are lost and will give us courage to continue and protect us against enemies. He will make us believe that every hardships, there comes ease. While we are struggling, please remember that God is watching and cares for us. Hold on. Sooner or later, He will give us what we have always wanted and needed. Until then, when life is against us, may our hearts will always be connected to the One who made it.

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I agree @Jean…hardships are temporary, it wouldn’t last long…it is meant to be experience so that we can learn
something for ourselves… but after surpassing it comes victory…so whenever we stumble, we must learn to undust ourselves and get up again…:blush:

When we’re experiencing depression expect God to be with you always he will never leave you forever. Just trust on him and he will guide you throught out the edge in a good result.