When you search for me, you will find me If you seek me with all your heart

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I must admit, there are days when I feel weak, some days I feel strong and other days I feel lost. Everytime I am having a hard time, God is my strength. When I feel lost, I will search for him and he will find me. When I am weak, I will ask for him, and he will give me courage. When I am hurt and hopeless, he will hear me even in silence and He will wipe away the tears and pain. I always think that God is preparing me for something better. Everything has a reason and His plans will always be in our favor.

Very true! The Lord God is just by our side waiting for us to call Him. Pray and He will listen, ask and He will provide more than what you actually prayed for. This is our very loving and caring Father.

If we seek him with everything we have we can be assured he will meet us in that quiet place. And provide us with the answers we need if we will listen closely to his still small voice. In doing so he can take our request and transform them into the truth we really need beyond our own understanding. Will you allow yourself time to go before him to be still and know he is God? In doing so he can deposit the answers you need to those who earnestly seek him with all their hearts.

Hello, dear @Jenny
Through this time on quarantine, I have felt the need to find God in so many ways, in so much more ways than before! I believe that with how much stress and speed we lived the day by day before, we never had time to stop and think, is God by my side? If you don’t feel him, you must take some steps back and look for him! Walking by him side, on the path he choose for us, is the only way of finding true happiness!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Indeed. I really feel calm and collected when I seek God. Talking to Him about my problems make me feel at ease. I know that He has plans for me despite the hardships I go through. God gives me courage and strength to face anything because I know that He will never leave my side. Let us lift up everything to Him and seek Him.

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