When you turn your worries into worship, God will turn your battles into blessings

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation because God hears all our prayers. He hears everything before we ask. He knows what we desire. Surrender all our worries, pains and burdens to God. Lift everything to Him and let God turn them into blessings. We may not always get the response we wanted from Him, but his answers are always the best. Let us trust His timing and believe that every battles means victory. Every pains means strength. In every lost, there is gain and every ending is a new beginning. God will never take something away from us without the intention of replacing it with something better.

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
What a great image and message! We can learn so much from the way children see the world, when they have a worries what do they do? They speak or ask their father for help, they sometimes don’t understand why or how but they trust him and know he has no bad intentions. This is the exact way we should see Father God, stop worrying and start praying and putting those worries into God hands, he will surely turn them into blessing for us.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

We can’t run away from the worries of life no matter how strong we are. What we can only do is to control how we respond to it. It is either we will let it consume us that will eventually lead to internal chaos or surrender it to God, turning it to worship claiming that He is bigger than all our problems that will give us peace and open door to the blessings that goes with it.