When your child is struggling with suicidal thoughts, simply 'more faith' isn't the answer

This is a very interesting read. One of the common answers from churches or pastors for serious issues of today is read the bible, pray and have faith. While these are definitely helpful, real questions need real answers. It may well be good to give spiritual guidance as all problems are essentially spiritual. But mere spiritual answers are not helpful sometimes as the person who is going through hard times may not be in a position to take or understand the spiritual help that one is trying to provide. Instead practical and answers that can help the person take some practical steps immediately will be much helpful.


Blank in this area. Never met a kid having this kind of thought.

If you encounter kid suffers and no will to live, it’s important to find out the reason. Maybe their parents could not raise them well. Or lacking ability to raise them well.

Normally kids are happy. If your own kid has this kind of thought, it’s really tough for parents too. As his /her parents, self checking and endurance are important.

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Amen! Kay Warren though?

Rick Warren and wife Kay Warren Deception in the Church

No wonder Kelly Rosati doesn’t like to hear if her faith was stronger somehow this reality she lives in would drastically change! That is a LIE.

I’d like to make a suggestion for correction: Christianity that is based on the Bible (the only Christianity there actually is, the rest are false teachers and false gospels) does NOT say that you will not have struggles in this life. In fact, if anything, we already know that Jesus, Himself said

“These things I have spoken unto you that in Me ye might have peace. In this world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world”.
John 16:33

Suicidal thoughts and feelings need immediate help.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Please pass on the information at the link above to anyone who is feeling suicidal or thinking or planning suicide. The first thing is to address the immediate threat.

After that threat is truly and completely taken care of, then one might bring the Word of God into someone’s life for salvation. This woman obviously believes in God but her “church” is telling her that her problems are somehow all her fault. This is wrong, it is not scriptural, it is not helpful, and in fact, it is very damaging. People in situations like these are the most likely to fall away out of absolute disgust or frustration or even plain heart break.

Please refer any person in this situation to the following to learn the differences between American Television so-called “Christianity” and true, Bible believing Christianity which is found in smaller numbers than mega churches in America and also all over the world:
Strange Fire Conference