Where do I give my tithes?

In case of, I am in different place where I attended church service and not in my home church.
Where do I give my tithes?

Hi there @theenaocay! For me, I give my tithes to charities here in our town. But whenever there are people in need way back home, I also send some money in order to help.

@theenaocay Tithe Belongs to the Lord: The most important theological statement about tithe is recorded in Leviticus 27:30: It “belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord” (NIV). This is a clear definition of the very nature of tithe; it is holy.
Let God Be the Judge: It’s possible that some of those chosen by God to be recipients of His tithe may become unworthy of this privilege. This was the case during the time of Malachi. The priests were showing “contempt” for God’s name by defiling the altar (Mal. 1:6-8). The corruption was so rampant that the Lord wanted them to close the door of the Temple (verse 10). The people, aware of what was taking place among the clergy, stopped bringing their tithes and offerings. So with tithing you can either choose to take it to church or help someone in dire need.

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