Which book do you like best in the Bible? Why?

Which book do you like best in the Bible? Why?

Psalm. When I pray, I like to read some scriptures from Psalm first, it’s very helpful.

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Romans. Because it has very deep message about the Gospel. There’re many lessons I can learn from Romans.

Like Revelation best. cuz it tells me the world of the heaven and give me a lot of hope when I felt it’s difficult in the faith journey.

I like Psalm too. :grin:

I like Matthew. Not sure why I like it though. I think it’s the Sermon on the Mount and chapter 13.

The book of Job.
That is so deep. It explained what Budda can’t explain well. It is beyond sin and punishment. It is the suffering of a righteous man in God’s eyes. And through all those sufferings, Job had seen God in his own eyes.

Job 42:5 (King James Bible) I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.


Through this book, I learned a good attitude how to follow God and follow the leader who set by God. I think David is a very good sample, he didn’t kill Saul even he had the very good chance, and Saul did very bad things to him. He said that “I would not lay a hand on the LORD’S anointed.” He is a truly Godly man.

Another people in Samuel let me consider how to serve God deeply. He was Joab, the marshal of David, he was a strong man, and win lots of battles. But he has very deep jealous in his heart, he killed two good marshals in Bible, he serves David just rely on his ability, don’t fear God. So that in Bible he threated David many times, he killed Absalom the son of David. The result of Joab is killed by Solomon.

And many other people in this book gave me revelations how to handle something in my life.

Gensis, the first book i like the best, because it tells us the original history between God and people. It is the foundation of other books in the bible.

The Matthew’s gospel i liek the best, becuase there is great record about the teaching of Jesus, especialy the goden law.

The gospel of John, since it is very deep and teachs us many things about the cross of Jesus.

The book of Hosea, very touching story and reminds me the deep love God shows me.

For me, I like Genesis. In this book, I can know that there is a creator and we humans are the creation. And also I can know how sin came into this world. And the history about the ancestors of faith.

I love Genesis best. The first time I know God is because one preacher told the story from Genesis, and told me that God is love, and He created the world and humans because of love. That’s so wonderful!

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

This book teaches me the reality that without God, everything is meaningless.
Here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.

I love Song of Songs.
It’s a very beautiful book in the Bible.
Romantic love created by loving God between man and woman. That’s so wonderful and beautiful.
Love this book very much. And I got lot of peace in love when reading this book :blush: