While we are waiting, God is working

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I agree! @Jenny
We should patiently wait for God’s work because it is in progress but I believe that we shouldn’t just wait. We should wait but at the same time being a good example to your neighbors. God shouldn’t only be the one working but we should also help Him by spreading His goodness.

Awaiting is a perfect timing that God can give to us. When we wait we feel uncomfort sometimes but to let us know waiting is best one through God. God is working, it encourage us to be faithful. There are people waited so long for their dreams and when they received it they are excited. Lets wait willing not just an obligation. We shall wait it goodness and patient.

Be patient. A lot of things in life demand us to choose patience over our emotions. Sometimes we feel like we have lost our hope and we’re getting nowhere. Hold on. We may never know what may or may not happen tomorrow but surely God is working everything out for us. Sometimes we just need to trust and wait patiently. He may not always respond to our prayers the way we wanted, but His plans are always better than ours. Trust His timing. God will grant our wishes when we least expect it. He will make thing happen in the right time.

Yes, He works on all of our prayers. You may think that He did not work on some of it because it did not come true, well, that is not how it works. If it did not happen, it means that something better is. He knows what is best for us and He gives us that. That is how much our loving Father loves us! Thank you, Lord God for answering our prayers and we trust you with our life.