Who is greater Moses or John the Baptist?

Who is greater Moses or John the Baptist?
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There is the strong reason that why John the baptist is the greatest among born of woman because he papered the way for the Messiah who is God became Human.

The book of Duet. ends off by telling us that there was nobody in the whole world like Moses. It points Moses out to have been an outstanding prophet. Yet Jesus says when He speaks of John the Baptist, that there’s none greater than him–or there’s none like him. I’m confused a bit. Then, between Moses and John the Baptist, which was greater?

I believe what Jesus says, John the baptist.

How many prophets were NOT born of women?!
I don’t see this as a contradiction. The Moses verse says that he was the greatest in Israel until the time that passage was written. But, if John were greater than Moses, then the John passage would be correct when it was written.

It seems like there are a couple of oddities here, though.

  1. Why would Moses refer to himself as the greatest prophet of all time? This leads me to believe that this was NOT written by Moses. He could have, I suppose, but it just seems strange.
  2. How in the hell was John the Baptist a greater prophet than Moses? It seems to me that the Jews had their greatest and then the Christians decided to have a greatest, too. Maybe the guys who wrote that John was the greatest probably didn’t realize that Moses had been called the greatest.

I think it is about the extent of revelation; before Jesus, the revelation of God’s Word became more explicit with time went forward. So what Jesus said “among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist” means that the relelation of John the Baptist was the greatest before Jesus. But the relelation of Jesus is the greatest, and by the time of Jesus, the revelation is complete; and anyone follow Jesus will get this greatest relelation through Him.

i think Moses. Because John the baptist could not recognize Jesus Christ, He betray Jesus Christ.

I myself like Moses more. In bible, there are not many record about John the Baptist. He suposed to be greater, but felt like he didn’t cherish his commision.