Why are Mormons(Latter Day Saints) considered not biblical?

While Mormons claims themselves as Christians, the mainstream Christians recognize the church of Latter Day Saints as heretic as their teachings are faraway from the mainstream Christianity. But it is bit hard to know the foundations on which the church stands. What are some of the major/fundamental doctrinal differences between the LDS and mainstream Christianity?

My husband and I were missionaries for a few years in Salt Lake City, Utah.We met a lot of mormons in Salt Lake City and learned a little about their faith.While I can’t go into great detail about the differences between mormonism and Christianity, there are a few things I’ve experienced in general:

1,They had a book of Mormon in addition to the bible.When you first come into contact with them, they will mention the bible to you, but when you learn more, they will specialize in the book of Mormon.In my opinion, the bible is not the only authoritative truth of their faith, but the book of Mormon is.

2,Jesus Christ is not their only mediator.Mormons once suggested me that we can pray in the name of Joseph(Founder of mormonism), and that the father would hear our prayers for Joseph’s sake.

3.In addition, there are also big problems with their views on marriage, which do not conform to the biblical law of marriage, for example polygamy. And in their belief, couples must attend certain special ceremonies to enter the Mormon core temple.

What I have said is for reference only. I hope it will be helpful for you to know mormonism.

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There are different on salvation. Do they believe in Jesus Christ is the savior. if they deny this,they are heretic

Thank you Jianqiu, glad to know about Mormons from an ex missionary. I think rather than reading a lot of stuffs online it is good to know from someone who has experienced something. Such as you. Thank you!

You’re welcome.I am glad to be able to bring you some understanding help, thank God.

This may be helpful.

Comparison Grid of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Christianity

Click on the link above to be taken to CARM.org for Biblical answers to the questions of other religions and Christianity.

yes, you are right. Thank you!