Why are some Christians indifferent to the kingdom of God?

I found that there are many Christians around us don’t do anything for God, just live for themselves,why are they indifferent to the Kingdom of God? How do you think the Kingdom of God?

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Many Church didn’t give the right and enough teaching about God’s kingdom. The believers just are waiting for the heaven after their death. But in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus taught the disciples that the kingdom will come true on the earth,. So we should co-work with God to restore the world with God’s love and truth in every area.

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we all have to do our part in building the holy kingdom. There are many areas where this can be done. You can make a difference in someone else’s life.

We are called to be disciples of Jesus which means that we need to bring others to Him. A wise pastor once said, “When you get to heaven, who can you say you helped get there?”


Amen. I think we should build the kingdom in our hearts first. we need to become kingdom minded to do this. This happens by renewing our minds on everything.

bc they are not true christian

You have NO right to judge them. What if their church has never taught them?

They are free.
In fact, not all the church will teach about the Kingdom of God. Some just focus on salvation.

What I don’t understand is why, after bringing my best friend to Christ in the Bible, she has now discarded me.

Doesn’t feel like the Kingdom of God to me, that is for certain.

Maybe they do not understand or expect the coming of the Kingdom of God. To me, God’s kingdom is to come to the earth as the Lord taught us to pray for it in Matthew 6. It’s surely will completed by God and all His children should co-work and advance it.

Because they don’t understand the Word of God, and their worldviews haven’t been changed, and they still follow the worldly view in their lives.