Why are some people do not want to hear God's word or open up with God?

Why are some people do not want to hear God's word or open up with God?

I share God’s word with other people. What could be the main reason why they are not opening up? They dont get serious if the topic is about spirituality and God. I would really want to reach them but some really cant. I don’t want to force them. So i would just pray for them.

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ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. [See Romans 3:23]

That’s why only those that the Father has drawn to Himself come to Christ for rescue. [See John 6:44]

I think that your idea to just pray for them, is a very good idea. Only I’d take away the word “just” and say:

"So I would pray for them."

Prayer is powerful.

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Hello @cocoyoongie Glad to know your interest in sharing the gospel to non believers. I am not sure which country you are from. But I am trying to give a general idea.

First of all the topic of God is not like any other topic. It is a very unique topic. Because it defines who you are. The person who believes in God and donot believe in God - their life styles are totally different. The topic of God is very sensitive for many reasons. One of the common reasons is that God dictates your moral life. He dictates what is right and what is wrong.

Humans are highly sensitive about the morality (right and wrong) about their lives. Imagine a situation where someone says that what you are doing is wrong. Most of the times humans tend to deny that they are at the wrong. The topic of God is very sensitive because for a non believers when you say God most of the times they focus on the moral part.

If there is a God, it means my previous life is wrong. Maybe you didn’t yet come to explain about sin. But the word God innately has this meaning. If God, then I am a sinner.

Many has this idea that God is judgemental. Largely because many Christians are judgemental. So they are reluctant to hear the word God as it may make them feel judged.

So I suggest based on the background you are from it will be good if you can start conversing about life and slowly start to introduce God. Depending on the other person’s acceptance level, we may slowly talk about God.

Sometimes if you try to force God into them they may end up moving farther away. This is true for many Asain countries.

What do you think? I will be happy to listen to your background and your experiences as well. We can talk more about this and explore together the challenges of evangelism and how to overcome the barriers :slight_smile:

Glad you brought this up :blush::clap:

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@Moses_C Yes it is truly a sensitive topic and you are also right because it touches their morality.
Maybe some would not like to be dictated of what they know and what they feel about.
But if they only realize, it is not about dictating because God is the absolute truth.

What could be the easiest and simplest way to approach them that the topic about God is not about dictation but is the absolute truth?

I don’t want to sound a cliche when sharing about the Good news to them. I want them to relate on what are my experiences so I try to share my real-life testimonies.

Glad to know that you are from Philippines :relaxed:

I feel difficult to share about God to my friends as well. Sometimes because I am not so confident. Sometimes I fear of what they might think about me. And sometimes where should I start? There are so many things to say - which message should be exactly shared. I don’t want to sound foolish infront of my friends. There are many barriers within myself.

But I realize that the biggest way to preach the gospel to the ones who are close is through my life. There are so much unreached people in this world. Many organizations are trying to work with many missionaries who are willing to dedicate their lives and reach the unreached. But for lay people who are not dedicated for full time ministry - they many choose a handful amount of people - say 2-3 people max and try to pray for them to know the Lord. And as we spend time with them the transformation that I have experienced in my life begin to touch their heart without even I talk about God.

My life should be so powerful that others wonder about how my life is like that. One could focus this 2-3 people throughout ones whole life and witness Jesus through my own life.

Therefore my own life in Christ is very important. I should be always careful that I testify Jesus in my words deeds and actions.

If people can understand why they need Jesus then it is easy for them to trust you and learn from you. If Jesus is just like any other god or philosophy that they believe in it is not interesting for them.

Finally and most importantly I think I need to train myself. I should be a good resource. I should spend a lot of time studying and listening to Christian resources to have a better and most updated understanding of God. Sometimes I find many Christians are caught up in old traditions - introducing them to this old way will not help people. Rather then will think we are primitive. One needs to be upto date in knowing the trends and application of God’s word.

So 1) Choosing a handful 2) Praying for them 3) Knowing them 4) Testifying through life 5) Educating myself 6) Sharing the word and its application

This will help transform peoples life I believe. Not just a moment where they say they accept Jesus, but their whole life will be changed through your life.

These are some of my suggestions :slight_smile: What do you think :grin:

Welcome to share your experience, learning and inputs, Looking forward to learn from you as well :slight_smile:

@Moses_C By the way i am from the Philippines

@Moses_C How and when did you first accept Jesus as your own Lord and savior?
Do you also share the word? To whom do you share it? How long have you been sharing it?

I should have shared this link first. I have a source I go to for inspiration, learning and courage in sharing the Gospel.

Ray Comfort one on one evangelizing 3 - 9 minute videos <— click here

This is a play list on You Tube and it’s put out by Living Waters Ministry. There are I think close to hundreds of these short videos, and it shows you in live video how to approach, get to the point and be real and friendly about it, and help a person to see why they should even want to know about Christ!

Important Point: We must remember that God saves, we do not. Rarely does a person get struck with salvation before your eyes. It’s usually a private thing between the person and God. In nearly every account I’ve heard, it’s been alone - as in not around or in front of other people. It’s a devastating and joyful thing so this is God’s kindness to us.

But if you watch several of those short videos (feel free to pick whatever you wish from the long list) you will see that some are far more likely to seriously think about it and even be saved than others. There is a narrow gate to get through and not many find it, so you have to learn how to take a lot of “fails” too. These videos have helped me even with those. These are NOT instructional like a teacher telling you. These are instructional like you get to watch and see how it’s done by someone who has been doing it for 40 years!

Hello @cocoyoongie, thank you for your interest! I was raised in a Christian family. I grew closer to God and had a better understanding about cross and my salvation during my college days some 7-8 years ago. I used to do campus ministry before sharing gospel to college students. :slight_smile: Thank you for asking!

@Sunami_Carpenter Thanks so much i appreciate it. I will check it once i have time for YouTube.
How about you? Do you get to share the word of God to others also?

At every opportunity. Since I truly do not get out much (I’m housebound, so mostly it’s only transport to the doctor’s office) I don’t get many chances. But I’m either leaving a tract or handing them out in doctor’s offices!

Sometimes I leave them on people’s doors, or slip them under them. I trust God to take those tracts where they need to be.

Also, I pretty much post scripture and/or Biblically sound doctrine all over my Facebook page. Many stopped following me. But what does that matter? One should NOT follow me, but follow Christ!


Sometimes I feel like they afraid. I have met a lot of people not open about the word of God, they keep on saying that they are afraid because they have already instilled a different mindset and they feel hopeless. :frowning:

Some of them are not acknowledging god as their savior. and Also they are busy doing other stuff. God is in their lease of priorities. Or someone found out that the word of God is boring but they have more time watching youtube Vlogs. i can say that im guilty too sometimes.
But if need a comfort with God i will Just listen to a worship songs this songs are God’ Creation!. Amen