Why Are Some People So Hostile Toward God?

Why Are Some People So Hostile Toward God?

Pray…God will change his heart. :pray::pray::pray:

My cousin gets very upset if we bring up anything about religion—even if we just casually mention something that’s happening in our church. Why does he get so angry? It doesn’t make sense. It isn’t like we’re trying to pressure him to believe like we do.

We are God’s enemy before we become His children, so it is not very strange. I still can remember the scene that I got very angry when my mother asked me to read bible for her. Anyway, God’s love is bigger than our sins, and our hatred, and He can change each person if we pray.

It is because they do not see God’s love, sacrifice, salvation. If they know these things, they can not act like that.

The devil cheated us and let us do not believe in God and be very hostile toward God. However, if we try to know God, we will find that God is a loving father, not what we thougt before.

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Because we fell deeply. We are totally sinners without God’s grace and salvation.

In my opinion, because Go is right. when they look at God, they know that they are wrong.
So they hate God.