Why are there so many denominations of Christianity in the world, and how did that happen?

Here is something for people to think about. I, as well as others, have often pondered the question, why are there so many denominations of Christianity in the world, and how did that happen? The Apostle Paul’s declaration in Ephesians 4:5 speaks of “one Lord, one faith, one baptism.” One would expect the Apostle Paul’s desire for a unity of faith to be fulfilled by the time Jesus Christ returns and reigns on the earth during the Millennium. Since this obviously does not yet appear to be the case, how can that come about? How can so many differing theologies of Christianity be considered a unity of faith? Otherwise, what denomination of Christians will live on the earth during the thousand years of Christ’s reign on the earth … the Methodists, or the Baptists, or the Presbyterians, or how about the Catholics, etc.? Many Christians suggest that it is only important that we merely believe in Jesus Christ. That is a good start since it resolves ‘One Lord’ in the verse. But it does not answer ‘one faith’ nor ‘one baptism’ in which there are many. From this, we can comfortably assume that our current state of ‘multiple denominations’ was not the intent at the dawn of Christianity. The Apostle Paul may have foreseen this circumstance. Some Christians believe works of righteousness are necessary for salvation, while others refute it. Some say it is possible to fall from grace, and lose your salvation, while others claim that once you’re ‘saved’, you are always ‘saved’. Some Christians believe baptism is not necessary for salvation, but others say it is required. I have discovered through extensive research from references in the Bible that all of these scenarios are ‘technically’ correct. I expect the immediate response from everyone will be: ‘how can this be true? I explain it on my Facebook Page called ‘The Quest for ‘One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism’ for people to ponder if interested.

Bob Kinser

I only believe what is in the bible nott all different answers God is not a lier man is Jesus said Nobody can enter the kingdom of Heaven , you have to be born again Jesus States that I just don’t care what man says. I BELIEVE our Lord first people … See more

Carol Juniper

It started nearly as soon as the gospel went out. False teachers woukd distort the word to gain for themselves. If you study church history you can see how political and personal power was the motivation for changing or hyper focus on parts of the gosp… See more

Bobbi Erben

A lot of denominations have different interpretations of scripture. Once saved always saved just one, divorced men in the ministry, speaking in tongues, and women serving as preachers is another one. It’s kind of the same thing as churchs splitting ove… See more

Larry Howe