Why are you believe that Jesus is God?

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Why are you believe that Jesus is God?

Because only Jesus Christ is raised from the dead, the curse of his death from death, no one can escape from the power of death.

we need salvation, so should seek of God and rely on him. So now the problem is that How we can know that Jesus is God and we can rely on Him.

God gave me faith to believe Jesus is God. Otherwise I will die in my sins.

Because only Jesus is the way and truth. If we can follow him to life, we can realize, this is the only way to know God. And it is the only way to get salvation from Jesus Christ. Only we believe Jesus died for us, we can receive God’s grace.

The ONLY thing I have found to tell me enough of what I needed answered about God is the Bible.

Read the Bible. Don’t ask people when your questions are this deep, unless you’ve already read it or are in deep need and imminent danger.

People will give good answers and bad answers but you won’t always know which is which.

In fact, the only way I know to tell a good answer from a bad one is by reading the Bible so much I’ve begun to understand the mind of Christ more.

This is a very serious answer. You can be given bad answers by people. But the Bible is the only thing we have directly from God. Read that for the proof. It will prove itself to you, or you won’t understand it at all. (By the way, do NOT worry if where you start reading you don’t understand…keep reading. Don’t give up.)