Why Christians should not celebrate Halloween

Why Christians should not celebrate Halloween
I was having a discussion with a friend of mine who is an ex an ex-witch who has been saved by God’s Grace and is a born-again follower of Jesus Christ. We were discussing Halloween from an ex-witches point of view and some of the things that the witches and the covens do and how this effects the churches. We also talked about why churches should not have anti Halloween party’s in place of normal Halloween as well as what the trick and treat means.
I suggested that she document our conversation.
I can’t post it as it is too long but if you would like a copy then please pm me and I will be happy to send the document to you by pm or email. It is an educational eye-opening document to read.

Kerry Murrell

I would like an email pleae

Jane Margaret Janes

Keep your light on

George Brown

Likewise have a witch spiritual tarot card reader friend. We go round n round on her Atheism…reincarnation arguments. I love her…but know should not associate. it’s very hard.

Lorene Gabel-Alston

Just been ministering all month on this very thing on my social media! Thank you for being bold to share! Awesome!

Melissa Parcels

Thank you for posting this. I do it every year and many gets offended and becomes defensive, but I will stand on the truth. What fellowship does darkness have with light? Stop allowing your children to go against everything GOD tells us to do.

Dee Sanders

i don’t believe in Halloween or anything that is a door way for the evil to come into my life. My choice. it goes against any Christian believe. Ask yourself would Jesus like this. i’m sure He wouldn’t.

Rosemary Lange