Why did I choose to be a Christian?

Peace of Christ :latin_cross:

I would like to introduce you to a topic that I have presented to you. There are almost 4000 religions, What makes Christianity different from other religions?

Why did I choose to be a Christian? To begin with, we must know that Christianity is not a religion , but a belief and a life with God.

So why am I a Christian? What makes Christianity special?

  1. Love, when I read and looked for other religions, I did not find love. The gods worshiped by non-Christians never love them, and I have found no evidence that their gods love them! They were not even commanded to love one another as Jesus Christ taught us.
  2. Humility , because pride in the Christian faith is sin, unlike other religions. God asks us to be humble , because when we are humble , God will raise our level.
  3. Tolerance , Christ teaches us to love one another and to forgive our brothers by faith (Christians) and our brothers in humanity (non-Christians) , just as this differs from other religions , for example: when you offend them , they will respond to offense with offense.
  4. Children of God , Christians are children of God because the Lord loves us in Christianity as his children , while in other religions we are worshipers and not children. Thanks God !

Livinho Sam